GIGA Journal Family | 01/05/2024

New Journal of Politics in Latin America 1/2024

This special issue focuses on social unrest, representation and the constitutional process in Chile. It analyses gender quotas, hyper-presidentialism, the strong oscillation of voting preferences, the social upheaval in 2019 and democracy and institutional change in times of crisis in Latin America.

  • Journal of Politics in Latin America Vol. 16, No. 1 (2024)

    Special Issue: Democracy in Distress: Social Unrest, Representation, and the Constitutional Process in Chile

    Research Articles

    • Jennifer M. Piscopo, Gwynn Thomas, Peter Siavelis, Magda Hinojosa: Lessons from a Late Adopter: Feminist Advocacy, Democratizing Reforms, and Gender Quotas in Chile

      Abstract | PDF

    • Nicolás Mimica, Patricio Navia: Where did Hyper-Presidentialism Go? The Origin of Bills and Laws Passed in Chile, 1990–2022

      Abstract | PDF

    Research Notes

    • Loreto Cox, Ricardo González, Carmen Le Foulon: The 2019 Chilean Social Upheaval: A Descriptive Approach

      Abstract | PDF

    • David Altman, Juan Díaz, Eduardo Engel, Benjamín Peña: Citizens’ Stability of Electoral Preferences in Chile Since the Social Upheaval

      Abstract | PDF

    Review Article

    • Radek Buben, Karel Kouba: Democracy and Institutional Change in Times of Crises in Latin America

      Abstract | PDF

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