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New Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs 3/2016

The contributions in this issue of JCSAA analyse the early months of the Duterte presidency in the Philippines.

Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs Vol. 35, No. 3 (2016)


  • Mark R. Thompson: Introduction. The Early Duterte Presidency in the Philippines Abstract/ PDF

Research Articles

  • Ronald D. Holmes: The Dark Side of Electoralism: Opinion Polls and Voting in the 2016 Philippine Presidential Election Abstract/ PDF

  • Mark R. Thompson: Bloodied Democracy: Duterte and the Death of Liberal Reformism in the Philippines Abstract/ PDF

  • Julio C. Teehankee: Duterte’s Resurgent Nationalism in the Philippines: A Discursive Institutionalist Analysis Abstract/ PDF

  • Nicole Curato: Politics of Anxiety, Politics of Hope: Penal Populism and Duterte’s Rise to Power Abstract/ PDF

  • Danilo Andres Reyes: The Spectacle of Violence in Duterte’s “War on Drugs” Abstract/ PDF

  • Renato Cruz De Castro: The Duterte Administration’s Foreign Policy: Unravelling the Aquino Administration’s Balancing Agenda on an Emergent China Abstract/ PDF

  • Eric Vincent C. Batalla: Divided Politics and Economic Growth in the Philippines Abstract/ PDF

Book Reviews

  • Antje Missbach: Book Review: Palmer, Wayne, Indonesia’s Overseas Labour Migration Programme, 1969–2010 Abstract/ PDF

  • Kelly Grace, Sothy Eng: Book Review: Kitamura, Yuto, et al. (eds), The Political Economy of Schooling in Cam-bodia: Issues of Quality and Equity Abstract/ PDF

  • K. Yhome: Book Review: Rajiv Bhatia, India–Myanmar Relations – Changing Contours Abstract/ PDF


  • Editors of JCSAA: GIGA IAS Booth at ICAS 10 Conference Abstract/ PDF


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