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New Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs 2/2019

The new Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs deals, among other things, with the resurgence of ideology in Indonesia, the admission of Timor-Leste to ASEAN and the interests and strategies of the USA and the EU in South East Asia.

Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs Vol. 38, No. 2 (2019)

Research Articles

  • Diego Fossati: The Resurgence of Ideology in Indonesia: Political Islam, Aliran and Political Behaviour Abstract | PDF


  • Paulo Castro Seixas, Nuno Canas Mendes, Nadine Lobner: The “Readiness” of Timor-Leste: Narratives about the Admission Procedure to ASEAN Abstract | PDF  

  • Angela Pennisi di Floristella: United States and European Union Evolving Approaches in Southeast Asia: Moving Closer to Convergence or Divergence? Abstract | PDF  

  • David Scott: Indonesia Grapples with the Indo-Pacific: Outreach, Strategic Discourse, and Diplomacy Abstract | PDF  

  • Susan Engel: South–South Cooperation in Southeast Asia: From Bandung and Solidarity to Norms and Rivalry Abstract | PDF 

Book Reviews

  • Waseem Naser: Book review: Constituting Religion: Islam, Liberal Rights, and the Malaysian State Abstract | PDF


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