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“State and Society under Xi Jinping” is the focus of the special issue of our Journal of Current Chinese Affairs. The authors analyse Xi Jingping’s first five-year term, personal politics, foreign policy and other aspects of his political work.

Journal of Current Chinese Affairs Vol. 47, No. 3 (2018)

Special Issue: State and Society under Xi Jinping

Guest Editor: Phil Entwistle

Special Issue - Introduction

  • Phil Entwistle: The Xi Paradox: Reconfigured Party Power, Long-Term Risks Abstract | PDF 

Special Issue - Research Articles

  • Yuanyuan Liu: Staging Repentance: A Discourse Analysis of Mediated Confession in Xi Jinping's First Five-Year Term Abstract | PDF  

  • Aleksandra Kubat: Morality as Legitimacy under Xi Jinping: The Political Functionality of Traditional Culture for the Chinese Communist Party Abstract | PDF  

  • Jérôme Doyon: Clientelism by Design: Personnel Politics under Xi Jinping Abstract | PDF  

  • Dylan M. H. Loh: Diplomatic Control, Foreign Policy, and Change under Xi Jinping: A Field-Theoretic Account Abstract | PDF 

Research Articles

  • Bertram Lang: Authoritarian Learning in China's Civil Society Regulations: Towards a Multi-Level Framework Abstract | PDF 


  • Heike Holbig: China after Reform: The Ideological, Constitutional, and Organisational Makings of a New Era Abstract | PDF


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