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New GIGA Annual Report

The GIGA is pleased to present its Annual Report 2021. We hope you will enjoy reading about our trajectory and achievements as much as we enjoyed working towards them!

  • Teaser image of the GIGA Annual Report 2021
    © Bertram Richter, using graphics by Microsoft and Adobe Stock
    Teaser image of the GIGA Annual Report 2021
    © Bertram Richter, using graphics by Microsoft and Adobe Stock

    Last year was an unusual year for us: we were kept busy with our evaluation, which is carried out by the Leibniz Association for each of its member institutes regularly every seven years. As those who have been subject to such procedures (including the REF in the United Kingdom) know all too well, these exercises tend to be labour-intensive and time-consuming. Team GIGA rose to the occasion. With camaraderie and cheer, we blazed on at full steam. As we prepared for the evaluation together, we seized the opportunity to reflect on our trajectory since the last seven years. My colleagues and I were delighted to note that we had not only met, but sometimes even surpassed the goals that we had set ourselves.

    We are proud of what we have achieved. For example, we acquired a record high of third-party funding, more than doubled the impact factor for our journal publications, significantly increased the number of books we published with prestigious international publishing houses, banked a manifold increase in prizes won, deepened and widened our cooperation with international organisations and policy-makers, and also expanded our national and international outreach via our media presence and events.

    This Annual Report offers you some illustrations of how the Institute has evolved in this evaluation cycle. And it provides you, of course, with an overview of our many activities and highlights in 2021. We hope you will enjoy reading about some of our successes as much as we enjoyed working towards them!

    Amrita Narlikar (GIGA President)

    Professor Rudra Sil, SAS Director of Huntsman Program in International Studies & Business, University of Pennsylvania

    “GIGA has made tremendous strides... I am extremely impressed with, and grateful for, the intellectual connections and institutional support that GIGA has facilitated over the last years in the course of actively promoting the creative updating and integration of area studies and comparative analysis.”

    Dr. Samir Saran, President of the Observer Research Foundation (ORF), New Delhi

    “Our relatively new collaboration with the GIGA President and her team is already an extremely fruitful and lively one. The ORF and GIGA are together challenging existing intellectual orthodoxies and offering new approaches for more effective and inclusive policymaking. We are delighted with this partnership and excited by the possibilities.”

    Dr. Thomas Bagger, Director-General for Foreign Affairs at the Office of the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Berlin

    "Beyond its renowned academic research, GIGA has successfully expanded its role of providing advice to policymakers. At the Bundespräsidialamt we have profited greatly from the knowledge and expertise of GIGA's President and its researchers in the preparation of Presidential foreign visits."


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