GIGA Journal Family | 23/04/2023

New Africa Spectrum 1/2023

This issue of Africa Spectrum contains topical analyses on leadership in African countries. Top themes discussed in this edition include Ugandan authoritarianism and dictatorship, Zambian patriotism, challenges on the “Anglophone Conflict” in Cameroon, and the ramifications of Chinese aid in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Africa Spectrum Vol. 58, No. 1 (2023)

    Research Articles

    • Yahya Sseremba: The History of Dictatorship: Custom, Authority, and Power in Precolonial and Colonial Uganda

      Abstract | PDF

    • James Musonda: Gatekeeping Through Music: A Case of the Patriotic Front in Zambia Abstract | PDF

    • Chidi Ugwu: Amidst Clinical Dissonance: Offensive Agency as a Survival Strategy in Plural Southeastern Nigeria Abstract | PDF

    • Philip A. Atitianti, Samuel K. Asiamah: Aid and Governance: Impact of Chinese Aid on the Evaluation of Government Performance in Sub-Saharan Africa Abstract | PDF

    Analyses and Reports

    • Maurice Beseng, Gordon Crawford, Nancy Annan: From “Anglophone Problem” to “Anglophone Conflict” in Cameroon: Assessing Prospects for Peace Abstract | PDF

    Book Reviews

    • Sören Scholvin: Book Review: Africa and Sustainable Global Value Chains by Frei, Regina, Sherwat Ibrahim, and Temidayo Akenroye Abstract | PDF

    • Suleiman Yakubu: Book Review: Nigeria and World War II, Colonialism, Empire, and Global Conflict by Korieh, Chima J. Abstract | PDF

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