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New Africa Spectrum 1/2019

This issue of Africa Spectrum analyses a variety of topics such as the ambivalent role of ex-combatants in Sierra Leone, Tanzania’s efforts to stand up to foreign gas corporations, and Namibia after the second national land conference.

Africa Spectrum Vol. 54, No. 1 (2019)


Research Articles

  • Devon E. A. Curtis: What Is Our Research For? Responsibility, Humility and the Production of Knowledge about Burundi Abstract | PDF

  • Anne Hennings: From Bullets to Banners and Back Again? The Ambivalent Role of Ex-combatants in Contested Land Deals in Sierra Leone Abstract | PDF

  • Lorenzo D’Angelo: God’s Gifts: Destiny, Poverty, and Temporality in the Mines of Sierra Leone Abstract | PDF

Analyses and Reports

  • Andrzej Polus, Wojciech Tycholiz: David versus Goliath: Tanzania’s Efforts to Stand Up to Foreign Gas Corporations Abstract | PDF

  • Henning Melber: Colonialism, Land, Ethnicity, and Class: Namibia after the Second National Land Conference Abstract | PDF

Book Reviews

  • Miriam Aurora Hammeren Pedersen: Book review: #RhodesMustFall: Nibbling at Resilient Colonialism in South Africa Abstract | PDF  

  • Nicole Hirt: Book review: Land Tenure and Security Abstract | PDF


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