“Leibniz in the Bundestag”: GIGA Scientists Talk with German Members of Parliament

The GIGA’s extensive range of policy advice includes an exchange with members of the Bundestag once a year as part of “Leibniz in the Bundestag.” In 2021, 25 of our scientists will offer their expertise to Germany’s politicians in an advisory capacity.

The topics addressed cover the GIGA’s research spectrum and regions of investigation by means of current Political and Social Science content. Our scientists also advise politicians on overarching issues that do not relate to individual regions, such as the Supply Chain Act or the impact of COVID-19 on violence among other things.

With this dialogue format, the Leibniz Association has been bringing scientists together with members of the Bundestag for individual discussions since 2008 now.


Verena Schweiger

Verena Schweiger

Head of Communications Department

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Leibniz Association

Leibniz Association

As a member of the Leibniz Association, we are committed to the Leibniz principle of “theoria cum praxi”: science for the benefit of society.


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