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New Journal of Politics in Latin America 1/2021

The new issue of the Journal of Politics in Latin America analyses agency and structure in Latin American regime change, psychological roots of support for autocracy, distribution of personal wealth between left and right, and more.

  • Journal of Politics in Latin America Vol. 13, No. 1 (2021)


    • Rossana Castiglioni, Mariana Llanos: Editorial Abstract | PDF

    • Barry Ames, Ignacio Mamone: Agency and Structure in Latin American Regime Change Abstract | PDF

    • Paula Armendariz Miranda, Matthew Cawvey: Introverted and Closed-Minded: The Psychological Roots of Support for Autocracy in Latin America Abstract | PDF

    • Nordin Lazreg, Alejandro Angel, Denis Saint-Martin: Are They All the Same? The Distribution of Personal Wealth Between the Left and the Right in Latin America Abstract | PDF

    • Lucas Perelló, Patricio Navia: Abrupt and Gradual Realignments: The Case of Costa Rica, 1958–2018 Abstract | PDF

    • Eduardo J. Gómez, Claudio A. Méndez: Institutions, Policy, and Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in Latin America Abstract | PDF

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