GIGA Launches Global Transitions Conference Series

Top academics and political decision makers will come to Hamburg on 3 and 4 December to analyse the pressing problems of our time.

On 3 and 4 December the GIGA will bring leading international scholars, decision makers, diplomats, and media representatives to Hamburg. At the “Negotiating the Future: Visions of Global Order” conference, these guests will analyse, together with GIGA researchers, how the global power structure is shifting as a result of the growing influence of rising powers such as India and China. The goal of the conference is to better understand which world views, political philosophies, and negotiation cultures are behind the transition – and how these impact negotiation processes and outcomes at the regional and global levels.

“I look forward to the exchange between world-renowned experts here at the GIGA,” said Professor Amrita Narlikar, GIGA president. “The research carried out at our institutions can contribute significantly to a better analysis of the global power transitions that are underway today. For some time now, and historically too, we’ve been seeing what can happen when divergent world views collide, in the form of deadlocks within global institutions as well as international crises. The GIGA and its guests will discuss the background to these issues and develop recommendations for action – all in keeping with the combination of excellence and practice.”

The GIGA is pleased to welcome the following guests to Hamburg:

The GIGA will be represented by:

About the GIGA Global Transitions Conference Series The conference on 3 and 4 December is the inaugural conference of the GIGA Global Transitions Conference Series. Conflicts, economic crises, environmental change, and other threats not only require sound political answers but also show that proactive action is becoming increasingly important. Within the framework of the conference series, participants will analyse some of the most pressing challenges and problems of our time and develop innovative and feasible solutions.

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