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New GIGA Annual Report

With the GIGA Annual Report 2020, we are pleased to be able to present the highlights of our work in the previous year.

The year 2020 was another very successful one for the GIGA. Due to the exceptional circumstances, our employees worked remotely from home, field research and data collection took place online, as did conferences and panel discussions too. The unprecedented situation offered new opportunities: meetings and events involving international scientists could, for example, be arranged more easily; we were able to connect with a wider audience beyond the borders of Hamburg and Germany in the digital space. In the past year sizeable third-party funding was secured for several GIGA projects. The numerous peer-reviewed articles published in renowned journals are also an indication of how strong a year 2020 was was for the Institute.

GIGA President Amrita Narlikar summarised: “ With the unwavering commitment of the whole GIGA team, we aspired to make the best of the various adversities we all faced. We managed not only to continue our work but also to improve our productivity as well as team cohesion too.”

Discover more about our research, knowledge transfer, library work, publications, events, and further highlights in the GIGA Annual Report 2020.


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