Faster, Tiger!

India is seen as a country of unfulfilled potential. Will it manage to free itself of its shackles under Prime Minister Narendra Modi? GIGA researchers shed light on this question in the new Internationale Politik country portrait.

Kids playing on construction site
© Reuters/ Arko Datta
Kids playing on construction site
© Reuters/ Arko Datta

Under the title “Faster, Tiger!” the country portrait presents analyses, personal profiles, and academic essays on current economic and political developments in India.

India is currently in a better economic position than most newly industrialised countries. In their contribution “Am Wendepunkt?” GIGA president Professor Amrita Narlikar, senior research fellow Sandra Destradi, and research fellow Johannes Plagemann answer key questions about India’s economy: What reform efforts has Prime Minister Modi set in motion since he took office in May 2014? What is the status quo? What hurdles need to be overcome in future?

In “Foederal erfolgreich”, Johannes Plagemann analyses the massive differences between the Indian states. While in rural regions up to 80 per cent of the population lives under the poverty line, in Tamil Nadu companies from Asia, Europe and the United States are producing cars for the Indian middle class.

In her contribution, Sandra Destradi investigates the at times dramatic barriers to trade, which can be traced back to, among other things, tensions between India and its neighbour states.

Other topics covered include energy supply, climate protection, and debates about economic and social development.

The Internationale Politik country portrait was produced in cooperation with the GIGA. The complete issue can be ordered here.


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