Emerging-Market Brazil as a Global Power

Brazil's influence in global governance is growing. In his book Brazil's Emerging Role in Global Governance, Markus Fraundorfer analyses the strategies behind this increased influence.

Rio de Janeiro Summit
© UN Photo/ Eskinder Debebe
Rio de Janeiro Summit
© UN Photo/ Eskinder Debebe

Brazil's role as an important actor in various sectors of global governance and, in particular, health, food security and bioenergy is emerging. By exploring how Brazil's exercise of power developed over the last decade, Markus Fraundorfer sheds light on the power strategies of an emerging country from the global south.

His book Brazil’s Emerging Role in Global Governance focuses on Brazil's activities in the fight against HIV, hunger and poverty, and in the global politics of bioenergy. It also investigates Brazil's interactions with other state and non-state actors, presenting an up-to-date analysis of Brazil's contemporary foreign policy and its increasing influence in the international system.

Markus Fraundorfer is a research fellow at Institute of International Relations of the University of University of São Paulo and a former research fellow at the German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA). His current research focuses on the transformation processes in global governance, the possibilities to democratise global governance mechanisms and Brazil's political emergence in the international system. His book Brazil’s Emerging Role in Global Governance is based on the research that he had conducted at the GIGA.

GIGA Focus Latin America | 4/2013

Protestbewegungen als Motor für Brasiliens Demokratie

Markus Fraundorfer

Former Doctoral Researcher


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