Chinese Firms Jostling for World-Class Status

China is the partner country for this year’s CeBIT. But although Chinese firms are making a mark in the IT sector, there’s a long way to go before China is an innovation power in other industries.

China was long seen as the country of imitators. Then, 10 years ago, the Chinese government changed its strategy, emphasising independent innovation. Margot Schüller and Yun Schüler-Zhou analyse China’s position as an innovation power relative to other countries and the hurdles it still has to overcome in the GIGA Focus Asien entitled "China: Die neue Innovationssupermacht?" (China: The New Innovation Superpower?).

On 16 April 2015, Nele Noesselt and Margot Schüller will speak about China’s ambitious reform plans and its re-ideologisation regarding the economy and politics at a joint event of the OAV-German Asia-Pacific Business Association and the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. What should we make of these reform plans; to what extent have they been implemented; and what are the challenges of realising a new economic model? What impacts are the "new economic normal" and the political re-ideologisation having on German and Hamburg-based companies engaged in business with China?

GIGA Focus Asia | 1/2015

China: Die neue Innovationssupermacht?

Dr. Margot Schüller

Senior Research Fellow

Cooperation Event | 16/04/2015

China zwischen ambitionierten Reformplänen und Re-Ideologisierung: Politische und wirtschaftliche Entwicklungen seit November 2013

Roundtable discussion in cooperation with the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and the East Asian Association.


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