Call | 29/04/2024

Call for 11th CEISAL Congress: Social, Environmental, and Climate Justice in Latin America and the Caribbean

The 11th CEISAL Congress will be held in Paris from June 2-4, 2025, at Sorbonne Nouvelle University. The congress will focus on the issues of social, environmental, and climate justice in Latin America and the Caribbean. GIGA expert Prof. Dr. Bert Hoffmann is currently president of CEISAL (Consejo Europeo de Investigaciones Sociales de América Latina).

  • CEISAL's 2025 Congress in Paris invites exploration, from different disciplinary, thematic and geographical approaches, of the notion of social, environmental and climate justice in Latin America and the Caribbean.

    The category of justice can be considered in a broad sense, from theoretical debates that question, reformulate or even reject this category, to the political and ideological dynamics and conflicts of societies that mobilize it, through the definition and implementation of public policies, cultural mutations and forms of artistic expression.

    Call for sessions:

    • Sessions must be proposed by at least two people affiliated with institutions from two different countries.

    • Session proposals must be submitted using the online form below.

    • Conference participation fees will be the responsibility of participants or their affiliated institutions.

    Areas of interest:

    • Conceptual Approaches

    • Justice in practice / Justice in everyday life

    • New rights and challenges

    Deadline for submission: 30 June 2024 For further information, please visit

    The CEISAL - Consejo Europeo para la Investigación en Ciencias Sociales de América Latina / Consejo de Investigaciones Sociales de América Latina - is a network founded in 1971 in Germany with the aim of creating a space for transdisciplinary university reflection to broaden knowledge of the social, cultural, economic, and political realities of Latin America and thus contribute to the dissemination of European Latin Americanism. GIGA expert Prof. Dr. Bert Hoffmann is currently President of the organisation.


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