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Book a Scientist: We answer your questions

Three of our scientists will once again be answering your questions at “Book a Scientist”: Hager Ali, Dr. Marika Sosnowski, and Dr. Christian von Soest will be offering individual talks on military coups, Syria, and sanctions at this Leibniz Association event.

  • Talk to Hager Ali about issues of civilian control of the armed forces, for example in Afghanistan, Libya, or Sudan. The scholar examines why there have been so many military coups in the Global South in recent months, what role domestic political stability plays in “civil–military relations,” and how military spending affects the latter. Conventional wisdom holds that Bashar al-Assad has won the Syrian civil war. The regime regained control of the country and its people by force and ended the war with so-called reconciliation agreements. Talk to GIGA researcher Dr. Marika Sosnowski for a more nuanced view of the Syrian “post-war landscape.” Tough sanctions have been imposed by the West in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This key instrument of international policy is widely used, but its impact is highly controversial. Learn more about the current state of research on the use and impact of international sanctions from Dr. Christian von Soest. With “Book a Scientist,” the Leibniz Association facilitates direct exchange between interested individuals and researchers. The 25-minute one-on-one meetings will take place online on 8 April 2022 between 10 a.m.–11:30 a.m. as well as 1 p.m.–2:30 p.m. The offer is free of charge. For an overview of all event topics and dates, please visit:

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