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New Africa Spectrum 3/2018

This issue of Africa Spectrum investigates subjects such as biometric voting technology in Nigeria, collapsed development projects in the Zambian copperbelt, and corporate social responsibility in Sudan's industrial gold-mining sector.

Africa Spectrum Vol. 53, No. 3 (2018)

Research Articles

  • Lynn Schler, Yonatan Nissim Gez: Development Shadows: The Afterlife of Collapsed Development Projects in the Zambian Copperbelt Abstract | PDF

  • Enrico Ille: International Joint Ventures in Industrial Gold Mining, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Harm-Production in Sudan Abstract | PDF

  • Ato Kwamena Onoma: The Grave Preferences of Mourides in Senegal: Migration, Belonging, and Rootedness Abstract | PDF

Analyses and Reports

  • Victor Chidubem Iwuoha: ICT and Elections in Nigeria: Rural Dynamics of Biometric Voting Technology Adoption Abstract | PDF

  • Sören Scholvin: Developmental Regionalism and Regional Value Chains: Pitfalls to South Africa’s Vision for the Tripartite Free Trade Area Abstract | PDF

Book Reviews

  • Natalie Tarr: Review: Claudia Roth (2012)†, Willemijn de Jong, Manfred Perlik, Noemi Steuer, and Heinzpeter Znoj (eds), Urban Dreams. Transformations of Family Life in Burkina Faso (2018) Abstract | PDF

  • Markus Virgil Höhne: Review: Harun Maruf, and Dan Joseph, Inside Al-Shabaab. The Secret History of Al-Qaeda’s Most Powerful Ally (2018) Abstract | PDF

  • Ismail Shina Alimi: Review: Tim Livsey, Nigeria’s University Age: Reframing Decolonisation and Development (2017) Abstract | PDF

  • Hagan Sibiri: Book Review: Mark Langan, Neo-Colonialism and the Poverty of ‘Development’ in Africa (2018) Abstract | PDF


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