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New Africa Spectrum 1/2021

The current issue of Africa Spectrum analyses state-diaspora relationships with a focus on Eritrea, which in many ways is paradigmatic to elaborate on key questions on diaspora-state relations.

Africa Spectrum Vol. 56, No. 1 (2021)

Transnational Lived Citizenship – The Case of the Eritrean Diaspora

Introduction to the Special Focus

  • Tanja R. Müller, Milena Belloni: Transnational Lived Citizenship – The Case of the Eritrean Diaspora Abstract | PDF

Special Focus Research Articles

  • Nicole Hirt: Eritrea’s Chosen Trauma and the Legacy of the Martyrs: The Impact of Postmemory on Political Identity Formation of Second-Generation Diaspora Eritreans Abstract | PDF

  • Abdulkader Saleh Mohammad: The Resurgence of Religious and Ethnic Identities among Eritrean Refugees: A Response to the Government’s Nationalist Ideology Abstract | PDF

  • Milena Belloni: Remittance Houses and Transnational Citizenship: Mapping Eritrea’s Diaspora–State Relationships Abstract | PDF

Research Article

  • Mary B. Setrana: Citizenship, Indigeneity, and the Experiences of 1.5- and Second-Generation Fulani Herders in Ghana Abstract | PDF

  • Thompson Gyedu Kwarkye: Between Tradition and Modernity: Customary Structures as Agents in Local Governance in Ghana Abstract | PDF

Book Reviews

  • Scott Pegg: Book Review: When There Was No Aid: War and Peace in Somaliland Abstract | PDF

  • Tanja D. Hendriks: Book Review: Cooking Data: Culture & Politics in an African Research World Abstract | PDF


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