The GIGA carries out research on four world regions and four key themes. All scholars are assigned to a regional institute and participate in at least one research programme – hence the GIGA’s special research matrix.

The GIGA is represented at three different sites. The majority of the institute’s employees are based at Neuer Jungfernstieg in the heart of Hamburg. The GIGA Institute for Asian Studies is located on Rothenbaumchaussee, near the University of Hamburg. Since 2009, the GIGA has also maintained a presence in the capital with its Berlin office.


The GIGA is headed by the president, who is assisted by the executive board. The research council develops the institute’s research direction.

The GIGA management is advised and monitored by external committees (the board of trustees, the academic advisory board, the council for financial affairs), whose members represent academia, politics and business.

Management responsibilities are comprehensively defined in the GIGA’s charter.


The institute’s organisational structure is shown in the organogram. There are currently over 90 highly qualified scholars conducting research at the GIGA. This includes several dozen young academics (Junior Research Fellows) that are beginning their research careers at the GIGA in either the GIGA Doctoral Programme or research projects.

The research carried out at the GIGA is supported by three main departments:

  • the GIGA Information Centre
  • the Publications and Communications Department
  • the Administration Department

The employees are organised via the works council, whose chairperson is Nina Waßmann.

Diversity and equal opportunity are integral aspects of the GIGA's self-conception, and affirming equality among all genders is one of the principles of our institute. Every four years, employees elect an equal opportunities commissioner. Currently, Dr. Maren Wagner occupies this office; her deputy is Dr. Mariana Llanos.


The GIGA research strategy is described in the research plan. The GIGA publishes its comprehensive annual report detailing its work. The programme budget is used to steer the entire institute and the integrated planning of the research, service, consultation, and management teams.

Leibniz Association

The GIGA is a member of the Leibniz Association – a network of 91 independent German research institutes from various disciplines, which is engaged in knowledge- and application-oriented fundamental research. The Leibniz Institute has approximately 18,600 employees (including 9,500 scholars) and a total budget of 1.7 billion euros.