New Africa Spectrum 3/2019

This issue of the Africa Spectrum offers analyses on topics such as ethnic quotas in foreign non-governmental organisations, the tension between the state and Islamist groups in Zanzibar, and on allocation models in climate aid.

Africa Spectrum Vol. 54, No. 3 (2019)

Research Articles

  • Stef Vandeginste: Ethnic Quotas and Foreign NGOs in Burundi: Shrinking Civic Space Framedas Affirmative Action
    Abstract | PDF
  • Jannis Saalfeld: On the Divergent Trajectories of African Islamism: Explaining Salafi Non-Radicalisation in Zanzibar
    Abstract | PDF
  • Rose Nakayi, Annika Witte: Making Cultural Heritage Claims on Profitable Land: The Case of the Ngassa Wells in Uganda’s Oil Region
    Abstract | PDF
  • Florian Weiler, Franklins A. Sanubi: Development and Climate Aid to Africa: Comparing Aid Allocation Models for Different Aid Flows
    Abstract | PDF


  • Giulia Piccolino, Sabine Franklin: The Unintended Consequences of Risk Assessment Regimes: How Risk Adversity at European Universities Is Affecting African Studies
    Abstract | PDF

Book Reviews

  • Charlotte Heyl: Book review: Electoral Politics in Africa since 1990. Continuity in Change
    Abstract | PDF
  • Roger Southall: Book review: The Struggle of Democratisation against Authoritarianism in Contemporary Africa
    Abstract | PDF

Other News

In brief |

GIGA President Prof. Dr. Amrita Narlikar is part of latest Foreign Affairs expert survey.

Award |

Dr. Tim Glawion’s doctoral thesis The Security Arena in Africa: Local Order-Making in the Central African Republic, Somaliland, and South Sudan has won the 2019 Arnold Bergstraesser Award. Cambridge University Press published the monograph in 2020.

Journal |

Democratic backsliding in Southeast Asia? The current issue of the Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs focuses on populism, the personalization of politics, institutionalized corruption, and indigenous and Islamic movements in countries such as Indonesia and Myanmar.