Foreign policy reorientation

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Fraser Cameron

The European Union's New Rival – China

GIGA Focus Asia, 07/2019

Guilherme Casarões / Daniel Flemes

Brazil First, Climate Last: Bolsonaro's Foreign Policy

GIGA Focus Latin America, 05/2019

Rafael Castro / Tobias Lenz

The Lima Summit: A Trial by Fire for the Pacific Alliance

GIGA Focus Latin America, 04/2019

Patrick Köllner

Walking a Tightrope: New Zealand Revises Its China Policy

GIGA Focus Asia, 04/2019

Detlef Nolte

Trump and Latin America: Between the Monroe Doctrine and Neglect

GIGA Focus Latin America, 03/2018

Detlef Nolte / Pascal Abb / Henner Fürtig / Robert Kappel

Donald Trump and the Foreign Policy Legacy of Barack Obama

GIGA Focus Global, 07/2016

Daniel Flemes / Hannes Ebert

New German Foreign Policy: Networks above Alliances

GIGA Focus Global, 03/2016

Kai Michael Kenkel

An Emerging Power in Decline: Brazil’s Global Presence in Crisis

GIGA Focus Latin America, 02/2016

Robert Kappel / Helmut Reisen

The Recalibration of the World and German Foreign Policy

GIGA Focus International Edition English, 05/2015

Robert Kappel / Helmut Reisen

Die Neuvermessung der Welt und die deutsche Außenpolitik

GIGA Focus Global, 02/2015

Hannes Ebert / Ishtiaq Ahmad

Nach den Wahlen in Pakistan: Nawaz Sharif verspricht einen neuen Indienkurs

GIGA Focus Asia, 06/2013

Nicolas van de Walle

US-Afrikapolitik: Bushs Vermächtnis und die Regierung Obama

GIGA Focus Africa, 05/2009

André Bank

Turkey and the Arab Revolt: Rise or Decline in Regional Politics?

GIGA Focus International Edition English, 04/2011