GIGA Research Data Service

The GIGA Research Data Service is part of the service offer of GIGA's Information Center. Please contact Birte Pfeiffer in all questions concerning the management of research data. More comprehensive information on the GIGA Research Data Service can be obtained from the GIGA EGON (internal Link).

GIGA Research Data Policy

For the handling of research data, the GIGA has drafted a Research Data Policy, effective since December 2017 for all GIGA team members.

Events / Workshops on Research Data Management

If you would like to attend a workshop or request a workshop, please also contact Birte Pfeiffer.

What is research data?

Research data, unlike other types of information, is collected, observed, or created, for purposes of analysis to produce original research results." [Edinburgh University Data Library Research Data Management Handbook, August 2011](

Research data include quantitative data such as survey data and measurement data as well as qualitative data such as interview recordings and transcripts, field notes or audiovisual information. Geo-referenced data, questionnaires, software and the results of experiments and simulations can also be classified as research data. The GIGA researchers generate a large variety of research data. Depending on the research discipline, research data is processed through the use of various types of media, aggregation levels, and formats. The variety of GIGA research data reflects the diversity of research disciplines, knowledge interests and research methods that are represented at the GIGA.

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