GIGA Institute of Middle East Studies

The unprecedented turmoil currently afflicting the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is attracting global attention. The Syrian war, Arab politics after the uprisings, the conflict between Israel and Palestine, growing sectarianism, and Islamist mobilisation are amongst the key issues in international politics.

The GIGA Institute of Middle East Studies (IMES) is a leading institute in Germany and Europe that carries out systematic research on these topics and serves as a hub for nurturing a wide range of research in the field. IMES scholars examine, among other topics, state and regime structures in the region, energy security issues, violent conflicts, forced migration, Islamist movements, and the reshaping of the regional order. IMES has developed new approaches for assessing the region’s societies and economies and disseminates its research findings widely, through scholarly exchanges and outreach activities.

IMES is dedicated to integrating its broad regional expertise into cutting-edge debates in the social sciences. IMES researchers maintain deep ties in the region and collaborate closely with local partners. The institute also operates research platforms in Beirut and Tunis for high-level dialogue with scholars and research institutes there. Under the umbrella of the GIGA, the IMES is linked to relevant international associations. For example, it is a member of the council of the European Association for Middle Eastern Studies (EURAMES) and also has members in the German Middle East Studies Association for Contemporary Research and Documentation (DAVO).

Dr. André Bank

Acting Director of the GIGA Institute of Middle East Studies


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