Cooperation Event

The New Strategic Issues in the Indo-Pacific Region


03/06/2019 - 04/06/2019

  • The central objective of this two-day long conference is to foster an in-depth discussion between academics, think tankers, and governmental actors on the new strategic stakes currently coming to the fore in the Indo-Pacific region. Partly under the pressure of increasing Chinese involvement there, this region is today at the heart of a process of major economic and geopolitical re-composition. The littoral countries and other powers involved in the area, notably the United States, have been dramatically rethinking their foreign policies. The consequences of this ongoing regional transformation are global.

    Bringing together experts from different institutional backgrounds (academic/policy) and working on a broad range of countries, this event engages with both new cutting-edge research and policy agendas. At another level, this event connects actors who usually do not have an opportunity to exchange views, either because of their geographic location or because of their institutional affiliations.

    This conference is organised in two distinct parts: on the first day, CERI (at Sciences Po) will host two semi-closed door sessions and one open to the public; on the second day, the IRSEM (at the Ecole Militaire) will host three sessions open to the public and a concluding semi-closed door workshop.

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