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India in the Middle East: Looking Westward

Rome MED Dialogues




03:00 p.m. (UTC)

Bild India in the Middle East ISPI

  • The relationship between New Delhi and countries in the MENA region has historically been characterised by profound political, economic, and cultural ties. India, where elections have just re-confirmed Modi as Prime Minister, has recently increased its interests and strategic projection in the region, establishing itself as a significant political and economic partner. This event will delve into the interchange between the Asian giant and the countries of the region, their multifaceted relations and prospects for the future considering the context of the Gaza war and renewed uncertainties in the broader region.

    Speakers: Dr. Abdessalam Saal Jaldi is International Relations Specialist at the Policy Center for the New South.

    Nicola Missaglia is Head of Communications and Publications and Research Fellow at the ISPI.

    Viraj Solanki is Research Fellow for South and Central Asian Defence, Strategy and Diplomacy at the IISS.

    Chair: Dr. Sangeeta Mahapatra is a Research Fellow at the GIGA.






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