The professors and senior scholars at the GIGA and its partner universities and institutes have extensive experience supervising and mentoring doctoral students. Their participation in the selection process, the monthly colloquium, and on the doctoral board ensures the high quality of the GIGA Doctoral Programme.

The student body is composed of talented young researchers from all over the world and from different disciplinary backgrounds. Fellows are full-time doctoral students, whereas associates work on third party-funded projects at the GIGA while simultaneously pursuing their doctoral degrees. The GIGA takes pride in conducting research within the regions and with experts from the regions. To promote cooperation and exchange amongst doctoral students, we offer a programme for visiting doctoral researchers for a period of two to twelve months. All GIGA doctoral students are eligible to participate in the yearly general assembly of the doctoral student body, where they elect two to three representatives. The student representatives liaise with the academic staff of the GIGA Doctoral Programme and other GIGA committees. The academic staff – consisting of the academic director, the academic development manager, and student assistant – is responsible for administering and developing the programme as well as supporting doctoral students in successfully accomplishing their research projects and developing career perspectives in academia.

Recent Publications

Nicola Nymalm: From 'Japan Problem' to 'China Threat'? Rising Powers in US Economic Discourse. Palgrave Macmillan, 2020

Elisabeth Bunselmeyer: Truth, Reparations and Social Cohesion: Transitional Justice Lessons from Peru. Routledge, 2020

Tim Glawion: The Security Arena in Africa: Local Order-Making in the Central African Republic, Somaliland, and South Sudan. Cambridge University Press, 2020

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Anna Fünfgeld: ASEAN energy connectivity: energy, infrastructure and regional cooperation in Southeast Asia. The Indonesian quarterly, 46, 2019, 4, 315-345

Recent Media Contributions

Article quoting Sabine Kurtenbach and Viviana García Pinzón on Deutsche Welle: Uribe ante la Corte Suprema: una prueba de fuego para el Estado de derecho en Colombia

Comment by Cordula Tibi Weber in Latin America Advisor: Why Is Paraguay’s President Seeing His Support Evaporate?

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