Why study at the GIGA?

Doctoral students at the GIGA are fully integrated into the institute’s international research environment. Beyond close individual supervision, students’ integration into at least one of the four research programmes and regional institutes provides opportunities to cooperate with senior researchers and to develop a publication record.

Anna Barrera
"Against the alternative of 'bowling alone' in some library archive, the GIGA Doctoral Programme provides its doctoral students with an inspiring work environment, in which smooth integration into specialised research teams, mutual collegial support, and high-quality methodological training are prioritised."

Dr. Anna Barrera – Doctoral student, 2010–2014

The internationalisation of the GIGA and its doctoral programme is one of the GIGA's main objectives. Therefore, doctoral students benefit from the GIGA’s extensive network of national and international partners.

Dr. Christina Stolte
"One of the privileges that GIGA doctoral students enjoy is that the institute has many partners around the world. When doing their field research in the region or planning research stays abroad, it is these numerous partner institutions that doctoral students can count on."

Dr. Christina Stolte – Doctoral student, 2010–2014

The GIGA Doctoral Programme provides high-quality training and excellent conditions for talented young researchers pursuing a career in academia.

Felix Haaß "The GIGA Doctoral Programme is a great place to pursue your doctoral degree because it offers high-quality methods classes, a thriving research community, and a great learning infrastructure. But what really makes the GIGA Doctoral Programme an exceptional experience and a unique learning environment is the diverse student body from all over the world."

Felix Haaß – Doctoral student , 2012-2017

In line with the Leibniz Association's principle “theoria cum praxi,” the GIGA Doctoral Programme provides students with a range of opportunities for knowledge transfer. GIGA doctoral students teach university classes, hold public lectures, and give media interviews and commentaries.

Isabel Rosales Sandoval
On 30 October 2012, Isabel Rosales was a guest on the talk show "Agenda," produced by Deutsche Welle. In her segment, entitled "Guatemalan Killings: Return of Repression?" she commented on the killings of indigenous protestors in Guatemala. Video

Isabel Rosales – Doctoral student since 2010

Career opportunities for GIGA Doctoral Programme graduates range from jobs in academia to political consulting, public relations, or administration – with private companies, NGOs, or international organisations. List of job placements

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