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  • The course is designed to cover the most important aspects of publishing scholarly work. It will first offer an overview of different formats, including articles, book chapters, policy papers, working papers and book reviews.

    In a second step, the workshop will zoom into the publication of peer-reviewed articles. It will guide the participants through the entire process from manuscript preparation to handling article proofs. In particular, I will cover the following topics: deciding when to submit a paper, crafting a convincing title and abstract, writing a cover letter, identifying the most suitable journals, understanding and addressing reviewer comments, finalizing the accepted article, and promoting your published work.

    Best practices for each step of this process will be discussed. Throughout the workshop, I will also provide in-depth information on the editorial and production process based on my experiences as the editor-in-chief of an SSCI-ranked journal, guest editor of special issues and author.

    During the practical phases of the workshop, you will get the opportunity to receive peer and expert feedback on questions such as journal targeting and abstract writing.


    The course will take place in person at the GIGA in Hamburg from 10:00 am - 3:00pm on 25th April 2024. Please note that this course is open for external participants.

    About the lecturer

    Dr. Julia Grauvogelis a Senior Research Fellow at the GIGA Institute for African Affairs. She is the Speaker of the Research Team "Interventions and Security". Her work focuses international sanctions and authoritarianism; it has appeared in leading disciplinary and area studies journals such as International Studies Quarterly and the Journal of Modern African Studies.




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