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Internships at the GIGA Institute for Middle East Studies

    Please note that these are two-month internships (January/February, March/April, etc.), and you can only apply for these periods.

    The GIGA Institute for Middle East Studies (IMES) focuses on current socio-political developments in the area between North Africa and the Middle East. Within this framework, the institute regularly offers a limited number of internships to students of regional studies and social sciences, which can be undertaken during the academic semester or during the semester break. Through our internships we aim to provide students with the best possible insights into the scientific work and decision-making structures of our institute. The specific arrangement of each internship will be primarily determined by the institute’s current workload and the student’s respective qualifications and interests.

    Our internships are 8 weeks long and free of charge. Unfortunately, the institute cannot offer any financial remuneration to interns. Our interns are expected to finance their internships themselves and to also arrange their own accommodation in Hamburg for the duration of their internships.


    • enrolled at a university during the internship (due to the minimum wage law which came into effect on 1 January 2015)

    • completed Grundstudium (basic studies) or bachelor's degree

    • interest in the social, political, and economic development of North African and Middle Eastern countries

    • interest in and knowledge of development-theory and/or political-science issues that relate to the Middle East

    • good level of English and French or another regional language

    • good computer skills (e.g. word processing and production of tables)

    Possible duties

    • research and analysis (under guidance of an IMES scholar)

    • assisting with the preparation of workshops, conferences, and meetings

    • carrying out preliminary work for research projects and our Research Programmes

    • contributing to scientific articles (e.g. GIGA Focus Middle East or GIGA Working Paper)

    • translating texts

    Written applications must be submitted in English no later than four months before the desired internship start date and should include:

    • an informal covering letter detailing your motivation for wanting to undertake an internship at IMES (e.g. your engagement in Middle East–related topics, stays in the region, etc.) and your preferred internship period (if possible, provide alternative periods)

    • a CV (German tabular style)

    • any additional documents which will support your application (references, certificates, etc.).

    Please send your application to praktikum-imes@giga-hamburg.de.

    We can only accept internship applications which contain all the required documents (i.e. letter of motivation letter, tabular CV, certificates, etc.) and also specify the desired internship period(s).