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Internship at the GIGA Institute for African Affairs

    The GIGA Institute for African Affairs (IAA) awards a limited number of general and project-specific internship places to students of economics, social science, and regional studies. This project-based internship offer will also be announced on our homepage.

    We always endeavour to provide our interns with a broad overview of our activities at the IAA and to involve them in projects. Those interested in an IAA internship should ideally be at an advanced stage of a master’s degree. The duration of our internships ranges from a minimum of six weeks to a maximum of three months.

    The internship is unpaid. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide interns with any financial remuneration. Intern must finance themselves throughout their internships and are responsible for arranging their own accommodation.

    Your application should include an informal cover letter in English indicating your preferred start date and internship duration, a tabular CV, and proof of your university marks. In addition, you should provide the names of two IAA researchers with whom you would most like to undertake your internship and whose research focuses best suit your course of studies and study interests. Please note that associated academics do not take on internship supervision.

    Please send your application to: praktikum-iaa@giga-hamburg.de.