Internship at the GIGA

  • The GIGA offers students the opportunity to complete an internship either at one of its four regional institutes. For a limited number of internships, the GIGA can pay an "allowance for interns" (currently € 231 per month). The application procedure is decentralised. See below for information on the application procedure at the four regional institutes and the GIGA Library. The following instructions apply to all internships at the GIGA:

    • Please indicate whether you are applying for an internship with expense allowance or for an unpaid internship. In the case of applications for an internship with an allowance, please explain why you need the allowance.

    • Interns must arrange their own accommodation in Hamburg. Internships at the GIGA usually last between one and three months.

    • The GIGA offers internships for students only (in the regional institutes only MA). Proof in the form of a valid certificate of enrolment is required.

    • The following application deadline applies to all internships at the GIGA: 30 September for periods in the respective following calendar year (e.g. 30 September 2023 for internships in 2024).

    Internship at the GIGA Institute for African Affairs

    The GIGA Institute for African Affairs offers internships to students in their master’s studies who are excited about our research. Interns at GIGA will receive comprehensive insights into the daily work of their supervising researchers and research projects. Interns are invited to all events of the GIGA Institute for African Affairs as well as many additional seminars, talks, and courses taking place at the GIGA. Internships are supposed to be a learning experience. Therefore, based on their skills and interests, interns can contribute to ongoing project work or propose an original research contribution.

    Requirements and general conditions

    • Candidates must be enrolled in a master’s programme at a university (preferably in social sciences, economics, African studies or a related field).

    • Fluency in English (written and spoken) is a requirement, other language skills, such as German or languages spoken in Africa, are an asset.

    • Former internships or work experience are not a requirement.

    • The duration of an internship can range between a minimum of six weeks and a maximum of three months.

    • Part-time internships can be discussed on individual basis with the intern’s direct supervisor. Candidates, who rely on a part-time job or have child care responsibilities, are thus equally encouraged to apply for an internship. The maximum length of three months, however, remains.

    • Due to the pandemic, we also offer remote internships.

    Application procedure

    The application documents should be written in English and include a cover letter, a tabular CV (without photo), an academic transcript, and optionally references from relevant prior work experience.

    In your cover letter you should clearly articulate in which research projects and with which researchers you would prefer working during your internship period. Being able to show how your interests (for instance, stays abroad, extracurricular activities, classes taken, career ambitions) and skills (for instance of language, coding or literature) correspond to specific GIGA projects is key to evaluating your application. We value enthusiasm and a pro-active attitude, so, use the cover letter to show your excitement about our research and state your motivation for the internship clearly.

    Information on projects and researchers is available here. Note that associated researchers do not provide internship supervision. Please, also mention your desired time period.


    Gabriele Tetzlaff

    Apply here

    Internship at the GIGA Institute for Asian Studies

    The GIGA Institute for Asian Studies awards a limited number of internship places to students of social sciences and regional studies. We always endeavour to provide our interns with a broad overview of our activities at the institute. Interns will also have the opportunity to author their own research article.

    It is possible to undertake an internship in either the field of research or the library. Those interested in an internship should at least hold a BA in a relevant discipline. Study programmes in regional and social sciences as well as political science with a focus on Asia are predominantly considered. We also offer remote and hybrid internships.

    Possible fields of work include, among others

    • research assistance

    • involvement in research projects (both in consultation with the relevant staff member)

    Your application should include an informal cover letter in English indicating your preferred start date and internship duration, a tabular CV, and your university transcripts. In addition, you should provide the names of two researchers with whom you would most like to undertake your internship. Please note that associated researchers do not take on internship supervision.


    Lisa Woike

    Lisa Woike


    Apply here

    Internship at the GIGA Institute for Latin American Studies

    The GIGA Institute for Latin American Studies offers a limited number of students the opportunity to complete an internship during the semester or a semester break. Economic and social sciences, political science, and economic geography are the primary areas of study considered.

    An internship at the institute provides insights into the work of a regionally oriented research and information centre. Interns will be involved in ongoing information and research projects, with the possibility of making an independent scientific contribution.


    • Completed or almost completed undergraduate studies

    • Good language skills in English, Spanish, and/or Portuguese

    • Interest in questions related to economic, social, and political development in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean

    • Knowledge of a Latin American country or subregion (e.g., through detailed research as part of a term paper or through impressions gained during study visits)

    • Interest in and knowledge of developmental issues

    • Statistical knowledge if possible

    The duration of an internship should be at least two months and cannot exceed three months.

    Written applications must be submitted by the above application deadline and should include the following documents:

    • A letter of motivation stating with which researcher and in which research field – connected with the researcher – you wish to complete the internship (justification), as well as the desired dates (with alternatives if possible). Please note that associate researchers and doctoral researchers do not undertake internship supervision.

    • Tabular CV

    • Other supporting documents (certificates, etc.)

    Internship at the GIGA Institute for Middle East Studies

    The GIGA Institute for Middle East Studies focuses on current socio-political developments in the area of North Africa and the Middle East. Within this framework, the institute regularly offers a limited number of internships to students of regional studies and social sciences, which can be undertaken during the academic semester or during the semester break. Through our internships we aim to provide students with the best possible insights into the scientific work and decision-making structures of our institute. The specific arrangement of each internship will be primarily determined by the institute’s current workload and the student’s respective qualifications and interests.

    We offer two-month internships which can be conducted both on site and online.


    • enrolled at a university during the internship

    • bachelor's degree

    • interest in the social, political, and economic development of North African and Middle Eastern countries

    • interest in and knowledge of development-theory and/or political-science issues that relate to the Middle East

    • good level of English; French or regional language skills are an advantage

    • good computer skills (e.g. word processing and production of tables)

    Possible tasks:

    • research and analysis (under guidance of a scholar)

    • assisting with the preparation of workshops, conferences, and meetings

    • supporting tasks for research projects and our Research Programmes

    • contributing to scientific articles (e.g. GIGA Focus Middle East or GIGA Working Paper)

    • translating texts

    Please apply in writing by the above application deadline with the following documents:

    • a letter of motivation stating with which researcher you wish to conduct the internship and why. Please name at least two researchers, and also state the desired dates for your internship (with alternatives if possible)

    • a CV (German tabular style)

    • any additional documents which will support your application (references, certificates, etc.).

    Information on projects and researchers is available here. Note that associated researchers do not provide internship supervision.


    Daniela Wald

    Apply here


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