Publications | Accountability and Participation

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Nicole Hirt


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Nicole Hirt


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Book Review of “Democracy under Threat” by Munshi, S. (eds.)

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Jaemin Shim

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Azul Aguiar Aguilar

Beyond Justices The Legal Culture of Judges in Mexico

GIGA Working Paper, No. 322, June 2020

Gesine Ames / Julia Grauvogel

Burundi before the Elections: Continuity instead of Change

GIGA Focus Africa, 04/2020

André Bank

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

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Martin Beck

The Political System of Israel – Not a Democracy?

GIGA Focus Middle East, 01/2020

Merike Blofield / Bert Hoffmann / Mariana Llanos

Assessing the Political and Social Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis in Latin America

GIGA Focus Latin America, 03/2020

Merike Blofield / Michael Touchton

Moving Away from Maternalism? The Politics of Parental Leave Reforms in Latin America

Comparative Politics, online first, 2020

Merike Blofield / Bert Hoffmann

Social Policy Responses to the COVID-19 Crisis and the Road Ahead

GIGA Focus Latin America, 07/2020

Marco Bünte / Patrick Köllner / Richard Roewer

Myanmar’s Political Transformation since 2011

Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs, 38, 2020, 3 / Special Issue (guest editors)

Marco Bünte / Patrick Köllner / Richard Roewer

Taking Stock of Myanmar's Political Transformation since 2011

Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs, 38, 2020, 3, 249-264

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Causes, Effects, and Forms of Factionalism in Southeast Asia

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Paul Chambers / Andreas Ufen

Intra-Party Factionalism in Southeast Asia

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Militär und Politik in Demokratien und Autokratien

Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte, 70, 2020, 16-17, 39-47

Daniel Flemes / Svenja Schöneich

Indigenous Peoples under Pressure

GIGA Focus Latin America, 04/2020

Christiane Fröhlich / Lea Müller-Funk

Perceiving Migration Crises: A View from the European Neighbourhood

GIGA Focus Middle East, 05/2020

Viviana García Pinzón

Colombia: Between the Dividends of Peace and the Shadow of Violence

GIGA Focus Latin America, 02/2020

Weam Ghabash / Mustafa Hatip / Lea Müller-Funk / Rand Shamaa / Mouran Turkmani

Refugee Perspectives on Migration Policy: Lessons from the Middle East

GIGA Focus Middle East, 03/2020

Katrin Hansing / Bert Hoffmann

Cuban Society: Becoming More Unequal, Connected and Diverse

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When Racial Inequalities Return: Assessing the Restratification of Cuban Society 60 Years After Revolution

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Charlotte Heyl / Mariana Llanos

Presidential Term Limits in Africa and Latin America: Contested but Resilient

GIGA Focus Global, 01/2020

Nicole Hirt

Äthiopiens Regionale Beziehungen: Zwischen Hegemoniestreben und dem Wunsch nach Stabilität

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Bert Hoffmann

Repressed memory: Rethinking the impact of Latin America’s forgotten pandemics

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Bert Hoffmann

Fluch der Karibik

Internationale Politik und Gesellschaft, 2020

Lynda Iroulo / Oheneba Boateng

African States Must Localise Coronavirus Response

GIGA Focus Africa, 03/2020

David Kuehn

Crises of democracy, by Adam Przeworski (Book Review)

Democratization, online first, 2020

Sabine Kurtenbach

Keine Verbesserung in Sicht

Internationale Politik, 2020, 5, 10-12

Mariana Llanos / Cordula Tibi Weber

Cortes Superiores y redes sociales en América Latina

Revista Uruguaya de Ciencia Política, 29, 2020, 1, 15-48

Mariana Llanos / Marisa von Bülow

Brasil: os limites e perigos de um presidente polarizador

El País, 2020

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Oversight or Representation? Public Opinion and Impeachment Resolutions in Argentina and Brazil

Legislative Studies Quarterly, online first, 2020

Luicy Pedroza / Pau Palop-Garcia

How Latin American States Protect Their Emigrants in Times of COVID-19

GIGA Focus Latin America, 06/2020

Paulo César Ramos / Siri Völker

Police Violence Against Black People Is on the Rise in Brazil

GIGA Focus Latin America, 05/2020

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Three Faces of Party Organisation in the National League for Democracy

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Federico Rossi

Strategy in Movement

fifteeneightyfour, 2020

Federico Rossi

Labor Movements in Latin America

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Adam Scharpf

Dangerous Alliances: Populists and the Military

GIGA Focus Latin America, 01/2020

Jaemin Shim / Sergiu Gherghina

Measuring the Mass-Elite Preference Congruence: Findings from a Meta-Analysis and Introduction to the Symposium

European Political Science, online first, 2020

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United Nations peacekeeping locally: enabling conflict resolution, reducing communal violence

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Andreas Ufen

Malaysia's Gridlocked Democratisation

GIGA Focus Asia, 01/2020

Andreas Ufen

Clientelist and Programmatic Factionalism within Malaysian Political Parties

Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs, 39, 2020, 1, 59-81

Martin Beck / Thomas Richter

From Abundance to Scarcity: Oil Revenues of the Arab Gulf States Under Pressure

GIGA Focus Middle East, 06/2019

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50 Jahre Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsche Lateinamerikaforschung ADLAF

Frankfurt am Main: ADLAF, 2019

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Party institutionalization as multilevel concept: base- versus elite-level routinization

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Chinese Environmental Contention: Linking Up against Waste Incineration

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Brazil First, Climate Last: Bolsonaro's Foreign Policy

GIGA Focus Latin America, 05/2019

Michael Coppedge / David Kuehn

Methodological trends in democratization research. Absorbing the four great disruptions?

Democratization, 26, 2019, 1 / Special Issue (guest editors)

Michael Coppedge / David Kuehn

Introduction: absorbing the four methodological disruptions in democratization research?

Democratization, 26, 2019, 1, 1-20

Sven Creutzmann / Bert Hoffmann


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Katrin Hansing / Bert Hoffmann

Cuba's New Social Structure: Assessing the Re-Stratification of Cuban Society 60 Years after Revolution

GIGA Working Paper, No. 315, February 2019

Charlotte Heyl

Book review: Electoral Politics in Africa since 1990. Continuity in Change

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Charlotte Heyl

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Nicole Hirt

Commentary: Stalled peace and blocked reforms in Eritrea

ISPI Italian Institute for Interntional Political Studies Dossier, 2019

Nicole Hirt

Commentary: UN Security Council Resolution 2444 (2018) and the Lifting of Sanctions Against Eritrea: A Commentary on Domestic and Regional Perspectives

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Book Review: Land Tenure and Security

African Spectrum, online first, 2019

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¿Una nueve Cuba en gestación? Política y Sociedad en la era post-Castro

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Maria Josua

Anti-Terror Legislation as a Tool of Repression in Arab States

GIGA Focus Middle East, 04/2019

David Kuehn / Tanja Eschenauer-Engler / Aurel Croissant

The Military Determines the Outcome of Mass Protests

GIGA Focus Global, 04/2019

Sabine Kurtenbach / Angelika Rettberg

War economies and post-war crime

London: Routledge Francis and Taylor Group, 2019

Sabine Kurtenbach

Venezuela – Elections Alone Are Not Enough

GIGA Focus Latin America, 01/2019

Sabine Kurtenbach

Latin America – Multilateralism without Multilateral Values

GIGA Focus Latin America, 07/2019

Mariana Llanos / Jayane Maia

Argentina 2019: Broken Economy, Strengthened Democracy

GIGA Focus Latin America, 06/2019

Mariana Llanos

The politics of presidential term limits in Argentina

in: Alexander Baturo / Robert Elgie (eds.), The politics of presidential term limits, Oxford University Press, 2019, 473-494

Detlef Nolte

Lo bueno, lo malo, lo feo y lo necesario: pasado, presente y futuro del regionalismo Latinoamericano

Revista uruguaya de ciencia política, 28, 2019, 1, 131-156