Dr. Isabel Rosales

Former Associate

Dr. Isabel Rosales

  • Short CV

    • Since 02/2022: Associate at the GIGA Institute for Latin American Studies

    • 2010 - 2021: Doctoral Student at the GIGA Institute of Latin American Studies and the University of Hamburg

    • Education: Ph.D. in Political Science, Universität Hamburg; M.A. in International Relations; Bachelor in Political Science at the Universidad Rafael Landívar, Guatemala; postgraduate studies „Disaster Management and Local Development“ at the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala

    Current Research

    • Comparative politics

    • Migration policies

    • State-led transnationalism

    • Human rights and civic space

    Countries and Regions

    • Central America


    • States beyond Borders: A Comparative Study of Central American Sending States and Their Emigrant Policy

    Dr. Isabel Rosales

    Former Associate

    Dataset | 2016

    Political and Economic Participation of Youth in Postwar Societies (Nicaragua Case)

    This data set was created to identify and analyze the possibilities and the limits young people face in their transition to adulthood in postwar societies (here: Nicaragua). The data set contains…

    Research Project | 01/08/2013 - 01/12/2017

    Against all Odds – Youth in Post-War Societies

    In many postwar contexts youths are seen as a problem not as an important actor por peacebuilding. The projects analyses what challenges young people face regarding their transitions to adulthood and what enables or limits their participation. Results are based on a medium N-study on 21 postwar contexts and three indepth case studies (El Salvador, Nicaragua, South Africa). The main result is that youth face a generational bottleneck as adults who fought the war still dominate in society, politics, and the economy.
    BMZ, 2013-2017

    Notimex | Interview | 07/11/2011

    Democratic weakening observed in Nicaragua and Guatemala

    Teaching | Rafael Landívar University | 2007

    International Relations I

    Rafael Landívar University Guatemala City Guatemala


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