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    Image Ethics and Compliance

    The GIGA Ethics Committee advises GIGA researchers and their global partners on questions of research ethics at any stage of a research project – from conception through publication. In line with institutional policies, the GIGA Ethics Committee also conducts formal reviews of research projects and issues ethical clearances. However, we are committed to advising researchers early on in the project cycle, sensitising them to issues of research ethics and helping them develop research designs that minimise risks for study participants, research staff, and society. That way, the burden of formal review is minimised and researchers are empowered to live up to their ethical responsibilities. The Committee's expertise is centered on the ethics of social science field research in the Global South. Due to the nature of GIGA research, we have built significant experience with research ethics in conflict zones, fragile societies and repressive systems. In line with GIGA's global approach to research and scholarship, we also promote proactive reflection about the nature of North-South research partnerships, reciprocity and the societal impact of GIGA research. You can find the GIGA Research Ethics guidelines here.


    Prof. Dr. Amrita Narlikar is President of the GIGA. Her research focuses on international negotiations, economic statecraft, and multilateralism. She has a special interest in India, Asia, and the BRICS.

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