Service Departments

GIGA Information Centre

Name Responsibility
Jan Lüth Head of Information Centre
Doris Biesenbach Latin America Library
Rim Darwich Middle East Library
Manuel Dold Cross Section Tasks and Open Access Service
Christine Hoffendahl Africa Library
Fatemeh-Nadia Javanshir Periodicals: Africa, Latin America, Middle East
Pia Kleis Asia Library
Uwe Kotzel Asia Library
Josef Richter Middle East Library
Claudia Roeske Africa Library / Virtual Library - ilissAfrica
Urte Schneider Information Centre Secretariat
Dr. Thomas Siebold Coordinaton of Information Centre and research
Astrid Völckers Latin America Library / Periodicals
Brigitte Waldeck Latin America Library
Heike Watermülder Africa Library
Susann Westphal Asia Library


Name Responsibility
Dr. Peter Peetz Acting Head
Errol Bailey English Copy Editor
Ellen Baumann Editorial office Africa Spectrum and GIGA Focus
Christine Berg Editorial office Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs, Journal of Politics in Latin America and GIGA Focus
Petra Brandt Editorial office Journal of Current Chinese Affairs and GIGA Focus
Dr. Silvia Bücke Editorial office GIGA Focus and GIGA Working Papers
Melissa Nelson English Copy Editor and GIGA Working Papers Coordinator
Meenakshi Preisser English Copy Editor, Copy Editor and Proofreader for the GIGA Journal Family


Name Responsibility
Verena Schweiger Head of Communications Department
Susanne Goldstein Website and Public relations
Marein Kasiske Graphic designer
Catharina Rudschies Student assistant
Lisa Sänger Student assistant

Administration and IT

Name Responsibility
Dr. Peter Peetz Head of Finances and Administration
Frederike Aumann Administration
Sabine Barth Accounting Department
Ann-Margritt Carstensen Accounting Department
Ulrike Drews Personnel Officer
Kerstin Gohlke-Kosso Administration/ Secretariat VAD
Christine Hinterreiter-Bunzel Controlling
Volker Kleeblatt IT Services
Olaf Kruithoff IT Services
Kerstin Labusga Secretariat IAS , Secretariat IAA and IMES
Dirk Menz Personnel Office
Frank Ohlsen IT Services
Nikolai Röhl Head of IT
Denise Sablinski Office of the President
Urte Schneider Information Centre Secretariat
Stephanie Stövesand ILAS Secretariat
Gabriele Tetzlaff Secretariat IAA and IMES
Stefanie Walther Personnel Office
Nina Waßmann Personnel Office
Nadine Wiegmann (née Staatz) Accounting Department
Wilma Willers Personal Assistant to the President and Head of Conference Management