Michael Grimm / Jens Krueger / Jann Lay

Barriers to Entry and Returns to Capital in Informal Activities: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa

Review of Income and Wealth | 2011

  • Prof. Dr. Michael Grimm

    Prof. Dr. Michael Grimm

    University of Passau

    Jens Krueger

    Jens Krueger

    GIGA Focus International Edition English | 3/2014

    Microcredit and Business-Training Programs: Effective Strategies for Micro- and Small Enterprise Growth?

    Gundula Gut

    Deutsche Bundesbank

    GIGA Focus Global | 9/2012

    Financial Inclusion: Strategiewechsel in der Mikrofinanzierung

    Dr. Lena Giesbert

    Former Associate

    Sophia Sabrow


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