Katharine Fortin / Bart Klem / Marika Sosnowski

Legal Identity and Rebel Governance: A Comparative Perspective on Lived Consequence of Contested Sovereignty

Chapter in Edited Volume | 2021

  • Ass. Prof. Dr. Katharine Fortin

    Ass. Prof. Dr. Katharine Fortin

    Utrecht University

    Dr. Bart Klem

    Dr. Bart Klem

    University of Melbourne

    GIGA Focus Middle East | 4/2021

    “The Right to Have Rights”: Legal Identity Documentation in the Syrian Civil War

    During the civil war in Syria, various actors issued legal identity documents. The disadvantages of this web of interlocking documents for people's – especially women’s – parental, inheritance and property rights are analysed in this GIGA Focus Middle East.

    Noor Hamadeh

    International Corporate Accountability Roundtable


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