Sabine Kurtenbach

Friedensprozesse in Kolumbien: Teilerfolge, Misserfolge und aktuelle Herausforderungen

Friedensgutachten | 2013

  • Edited Volume | FESCOL Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Colombia | 08/2021

    The Entanglements of Peace: Reflections on the long road of transforming the armed conflict in Colombia

    The publication of this study, which seeks to analyse and understand the variety of conceptions of peace in Colombia, comes at a key but complex moment. The context of the pandemic has not only had an impact on the health of the Colombian population, but also on the quality of life of households.

    Kristina Birke Daniels

    Friedrich Ebert Foundation Colombia

    GIGA Focus Latin America | 6/2015

    Kolumbien – den Frieden gewinnen

    Philipp Lutscher

    University of Konstanz

    Expert exchange on peace process in Colombia, Berlin ( Bundestag, FES, and others)


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