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"Spotlight on…" Student Representatives

Our doctoral students recently hold their annual general assembly and elected new student representatives

  • Hi to everyone from the new Student Representatives!

    Recently, we had our annual regular General Assembly (GA). Of course, it had to be conducted in a virtual format this year. We reformed our Statutes vastly and adopted the Addendum to the Statutes which lays down the relations between the doctoral students as a group and the GIGA. The Addendum was worked on in a constructive atmosphere with a working group comprised of the Student Representatives, representatives from the Executive Board, the Works Council, and the Doctoral Programme. Moreover, we discussed the latest reforms of the Doctoral Programme and first experiences with the new course programme.

    Finally, we also elected new Student Representatives. Let us briefly introduce ourselves: We are Hager Ali and Jan Klenke. Hager is on her first term as StudRep, affiliated with RP1 and IMES and researches civilian control of the military across regimes in the MENA region. For Jan, it is the second term as StudRep and he is affiliated with RP4 and the IAS, researching the role of emerging powers in international climate change negotiations. Both of us are in our third year at the GIGA and are looking very much forward to working with all of you this year.

    All the best, Jan and Hager


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