Spotlight on...

"Spotlight on…" Phone survey in rural Liberia

Get some insights into a phone survey on the impacts of Covid-19 in rural Liberia that was conducted by our doctoral researchers Rebecca and Lisa.

  • Graphic with key findings of the phone survey
    © GIGA
    Graphic with key findings of the phone survey
    © GIGA

    Spotlight on ... Phone survey in rural Liberia

    In September and October last year we conducted a phone survey among 577 households in rural Liberia (you might remember our report from the field in the same region from 2019). The main purpose of the phone interviews was to gather data about how COVID-19 and the protective measures against it have affected the rural population in Liberia, West Africa. While our focus is on household consumption and in particular food security, we were also able to get some more subjective reports from the households. The short info-graphic above might give you a first impression.

    If you are interested to know more about our experience with (quantitative) phone surveys please contact us!


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