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"Spotlight on…" Representatives of Doctoral Researchers Askan, Asma and Jorge

Our Doctoral Researchers recently held their General Assembly and elected new Representatives. Get to know Askan, Asma and Jorge.

  • Askan Weidemann    I only started my PhD in October 2021, so many of you do not know me yet. I decided that a good way to get to know you and the GIGA better, was to stand for the DocRep position. I hope that together with Asma and Jorge, I can help to address your concerns and problems and organize some get-togethers. To briefly introduce myself: I am from Germany and have a background in Political Science and Contemporary Chinese Studies. For my bachelors I studied in the Netherlands and the US, for my masters in the UK. For my PhD, I am researching the digitalization of the Chinese petitioning system. I belong to the Institute for Asian Studies and the Research Programme on Accountability and Participation.

    Asma Khalifa  I am a Doctoral Researcher at the GIGA Institute for Middle East Studies and joined the Doctoral Programme in fall of 2018. I am researching the impact of war on gender relations in politics, with a particular focus on Libya. I am pleased to represent the Doctoral Researchers at GIGA, please feel free to reach out to me if you need anything or if you simply wish to talk.

    Jorge Rincón I am pleased to be one of the Doctoral Representatives of the GIGA Doctoral Programme for this new term. For those of you who are more recent or do not know me, I have been around for more than 3 years at the GIGA and belong to the Research Programme on Globalization and Development and the Institute for Latin American Studies. The research I have done during the last years focuses on land issues in Colombia and rural development. I believe it was an appropriate opportunity for me to participate as a Doctoral Representative and represent our interests, given my status as a former scholarship holder, a current employee at the institute, and perhaps important, a foreigner with a considerable time (6 years and running) as a student in Germany. Feel free to contact me if I could offer any support or if you happen to be in Berlin.


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