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New Journal of Current Chinese Affairs 2/2019

  • This issue of the GIGA Journal of Current Chinese Affairs covers topics such as the social and political role of Chinese associations in Africa, the ideological discourse of "positive energy" in China, and the redefinition of the concept of "citizen diplomacy".

    Journal of Current Chinese Affairs Vol. 48, No. 2 (2019)

    Research Articles

    • Kian Cheng Lee: Re-envisioning Citizen Diplomacy: A Case Study of a Multifaceted, Transnational, People’s Republic of China “Ethnopreneur” Abstract | PDF

    • Hangwei Li, Xuefei Shi: Home Away From Home: The Social and Political Roles of Contemporary Chinese Associations in Zambia Abstract | PDF

    • Konstantinos Tsimonis, Igor Rogelja, Ioana Ciută, Anastasia Frantzeskaki, Elena Nikolovska, Besjan Pesha: A Synergy of Failures: Environmental Protection and Chinese Capital in Southeast Europe Abstract | PDF

    • Zifeng Chen, Clyde Yicheng Wang: The Discipline of Happiness: The Foucauldian Use of the “Positive Energy” Discourse in China’s Ideological Works Abstract | PDF


    • Uday Khanapurkar: CFIUS 2.0: An Instrument of American Economic Statecraft Targeting China Abstract | PDF

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