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New Journal of Politics in Latin America 1/2022

The new issue of the Journal of Politics in Latin America offers a variety of analyses on topics such as the decline of partisanship in contemporary Chile, Brazil’s stealth military intervention, the Nicaragua protest crisis, the Role of Mexico’s TVRH, and more.

Journal of Politics in Latin America Vol. 14, No. 1 (2022)

Research Articles

  • Nicolás de la Cerda: Unstable Identities: The Decline of Partisanship in Contemporary Chile Abstract | PDF

  • Karabekir Akkoyunlu, José Antonio Lima: Brazil’s Stealth Military Intervention Abstract | PDF

  • Graig R. Klein, José Cuesta, Cristian Chagalj: The Nicaragua Protest Crisis in 2018–2019: Assessing the Logic of Government Responses to Protests Abstract | PDF

  • Carla Angulo-Pasel: The Politics of Temporary Protection Schemes: The Role of Mexico’s TVRH in Reproducing Precarity among Central American Migrants Abstract | PDF

Research Note

  • Shannan Mattiace, Sandra Le: Yucatán as an Exception to Rising Criminal Violence in México Abstract | PDF

  • Elia Elisa Cia Alves, Rodrigo Barros de Albuquerque, Marcos Alan Ferreira, Cláudio Alves Monteiro: Do Non-State Actors Influence Climate Change Policy? Evidence from the Brazilian Nationally Determined Contributions for COP21 Abstract | PDF

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