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New Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs 2/2022

The current issue of the Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs focuses on topics such as the economic governance building in Myanmar, the current situation in the South China Sea, the May 1998 riots in Indonesia, and Vietnam’s foreign policy.

  • Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs Vol. 41, No. 2 (2022)

    Original Articles

    • Phone Pyae Soe, Charles David Crumpton, Eva Bialobrzeski: Economic Governance Building: Assessing the Securities Exchange Regime from a Co-Production Perspective in 2021 Pre-Coup Myanmar Abstract | PDF

    • Andrea Passeri, Hunter Marston: The Pendulum of Non-Alignment: Charting Myanmar's Great Power Diplomacy (2011–2021) Abstract | PDF

    • Mark Raymond, David A. Welch: What’s Really Going On in the South China Sea? Abstract | PDF

    • Eunike Mutiara Himawan, Annie Pohlman, Winnifred Louis: Revisiting the May 1998 Riots in Indonesia: Civilians and Their Untold Memories Abstract | PDF

    • Renato Cruz De Castro: Caught Between Appeasement and Limited Hard Balancing: The Philippines’ Changing Relations With the Eagle and the Dragon Abstract | PDF

    • Thuy T. Do: Vietnam's Emergence as a Middle Power in Asia: Unfolding the Power–Knowledge Nexus Abstract | PDF

    • Le Dinh Tinh, Vu Thi Thu Ngan: The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Emergence of Vietnam as a Middle Power Abstract | PDF

    Book Review

    • Hong Kong To Nguyen: Book Review: Order, Contestation and Ontological Security-Seeking in the South China Sea Abstract | PDF

    • Antje Missbach: Book Review: Indonesians and Their Arab World: Guided Mobility among Labor Migrants and Mecca Pilgrims Abstract | PDF

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