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Neues Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs 1/2020

This special issue of the Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs focuses the following question: Why does factionalism in Southeast Asia increase in some competing party systems relative to others? The articles deal with Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Singapore, among others.

Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs Vol. 39, No. 1 (2020)


  • Paul Chambers, Andreas Ufen: Causes, Effects, and Forms of Factionalism in Southeast Asia Abstract | PDF

Research Articles

  • Sorpong Peou: Interparty and Intraparty Factionalism in Cambodian Politics Abstract | PDF

  • Ulla Fionna, Dirk Tomsa: Changing Patterns of Factionalism in Indonesia: From Principle to Patronage Abstract | PDF

  • Kristian Stokke: Political Representation by Ethnic Parties? Electoral Performance and Party-Building Processes among Ethnic Parties in Myanmar Abstract | PDF

  • Andreas Ufen: Clientelist and Programmatic Factionalism Within Malaysian Political Parties Abstract | PDF

  • Robert H. Taylor: The Causes of the Proclivity towards Factionalism in the Political Parties of Myanmar Abstract | PDF

  • Julio Cabral Teehankee: Factional Dynamics in Philippine Party Politics, 1900–2019 Abstract | PDF

  • Netina Tan: Minimal Factionalism in Singapore’s People’s Action Party Abstract | PDF

  • Paul Chambers, Napisa Waitoolkiat: Faction Politics in an Interrupted Democracy: the Case of Thailand Abstract | PDF

  • Dennis Shoesmith: Party Systems and Factionalism in Timor-Leste Abstract | PDF

  • Allen Hicken, Allen Hicken: Factionalism in Southeast Asia: Types, Causes, and Effects Abstract | PDF

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