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New editors of the Journal of Politics in Latin America

As of 1 January 2021, Mariana Llanos and Rossana Castiglioni are the new editors of the GIGA Journal of Politics in Latin America (JPLA). They succeed Jorge Gordin, who previously oversaw this journal published three times a year.

  • Dr. Mariana Llanos has worked as a researcher at the GIGA Institute for Latin American Studies since 2006. Since May 2015, she has headed the GIGA’s Research Programme 1 “Political Accountability and Participation.” Prof. Dr. Rossana Castiglioni is Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and History at Diego Portales University in Santiago de Chile, and has written several articles for JPLA.

    JPLA is a GIGA journal published in cooperation with SAGE. As an open access publication, it is available online free of charge. JPLA compiles articles on current developments and comparative politics in Latin America in order to facilitate a deeper understanding of political processes there. Scholars from all over the world publish their articles in JPLA, whose quality is ensured by an International Editorial Board. All articles are published in English and undergo a multi-stage, anonymous review process.

    Dr. Jorge Gordin served as editor of JPLA from its founding in its current form in 2009 up until the end of 2020. The GIGA would like to thank him greatly for his many years of successful commitment to JPLA.


    Dr. Mariana Llanos Lead Research Fellow GIGA Institute for Latin American Studies Hamburg, Germany.

    Dr. Rossana Castiglioni Associate Professor Escuela de Ciencia Política, Universidad Diego Portales Santiago, Chile

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    The GIGA Journal Family is published by SAGE Publishing, maintaining the "platinum standard" of the open access model. Excellent contributions by researchers from all over the world are featured in the four journals. To ensure the journals' quality, all essays are evaluated in a double-blind peer-review process.

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