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New Africa Spectrum 2/2022

The current issue of Africa Spectrum analyses four concepts of African futures, constitutional amendments in Africa, the quantification of child labour by Ghana’s mass media, heterogeneity among Ugandan youth agripreneurs, and more.

  • Africa Spectrum Vol. 57, No. 2 (2022)

    Research Articles

    • Lena Kroeker: African Renaissance, Afrotopia, Afropolitanism, and Afrofuturism: Comparing Conceptual Properties of Four African Futures Abstract | PDF

    • Christian B. Jensen, Michelle Kuenzi, Jonathan-Georges Mehanna: Changing the Rules: Institutions, Party Systems, and the Frequency of Constitutional Amendments in Africa Abstract | PDF

    • Kalaria Okali, Emmanuel Frimpong Boamah, James Sumberg: The Quantification of Child Labour by Ghana’s Mass Media: A Missed Opportunity? Abstract | PDF

    • Maya Turolla, Haley J. Swedlund, Marc Schut, Perez Muchunguzi: “Stop Calling Me a Youth!”: Understanding and Analysing Heterogeneity Among Ugandan Youth Agripreneurs Abstract | PDF

    Analyses and Reports

    Book Reviews

    • Saswat Samay Das, Dibyendu Sahana: Necropolitics. Theory in Forms, by Achille Mbembe, Duke University Press, 2019 Abstract | PDF

    • Georgi Asatryan, Jack Kalpakian: African Dominion: A New History of Empire in Early and Medieval West Africa by Gomez, Michael Abstract | PDF

    • Henning Melber: Africa Since Decolonization. The History and Politics of a Diverse Continent by Welz, Martin Abstract | PDF

    • Marian Burchardt: Risiko und HIV/Aids in Botswana. Leben in der Pandemie by Astrid Bochow Abstract | PDF

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