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"Ask Leibniz" – The GIGA Answers the Big Questions

As part of the “Ask Leibniz” campaign, GIGA scholars are answering some of the big questions facing society. The Leibniz Association project invites public participation.

“What possibilities exist to make the world a better place?” and “What role is China playing in Africa?” – As part of the “Ask Leibniz” campaign, GIGA President Professor Amrita Narlikar and research fellow Tabea Lakemann have tackled these questions and shared their insights with a broad public. With their research on Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and global developments, the GIGA’s researchers are continually seeking answers to politically and socially pertinent questions like these.

With “Ask Leibniz,” the Leibniz Association is demonstrating the relevance of the research carried out at its institutes – such as the GIGA – for society. The campaign website provides information about current research projects and encourages participation: Whoever wants to can submit their own questions to the Leibniz researchers.

To the contributions of the GIGA scientists:


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