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Journal | 03/12/2020

New Journal of Politics in Latin America 3/2020

    The current issue of the Journal of Politics in Latin America shines a spotlight on the guerrilla group FARC in Colombia. The authors analyse its social and political role, also providing insights on conflicts taking place in other democratic states.

    Journal of Politics in Latin America Vol. 12, No. 3 (2020)


    • Miguel García-Sánchez, Ryan E. Carlin: The FARC in the Public Eye: Negotiation, Integration, and Political Participation Abstract | PDF

    Research Articles

    • Ana María Montoya, Juan Tellez: Who Wants Peace? Predicting Civilian Preferences in Conflict Negotiations Abstract | PDF

    • Miguel García-Sánchez, Juan Camilo Plata-Caviedes: Between Conflict and Politics: Understanding Popular Support for the FARC’s Political Involvement Abstract | PDF

    • Sandra Botero: Trust in Colombia’s Justicia Especial Para La Paz: Experimental Evidence Abstract | PDF

    • Ryan E. Carlin, Gregory J. Love, Jennifer L. McCoy: Pitfall to Peace: FARC’s Political Participation and Mass Support for Peace Talks in Colombia Abstract | PDF