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Journal | 25/02/2021

New Journal of Current Chinese Affairs 2/2020

This issue of the GIGA Journal of Current Chinese Affairs covers topics such as China’s propaganda system and its ideology, transport and energy sectors in China as well as language attitudes in Guangzhou and Hong Kong. 

Journal of Current Chinese Affairs Vol. 49, No. 2 (2020)

Research Articles

  • Yayoi Kato: Two Faces of Ideology: Double-Edged Functions of Ideology in the Reform Discourse Under Xi Jinping Abstract | PDF

  • Ying Miao: Romanticising the Past: Core Socialist Values and the China Dream as Legitimisation Strategy Abstract | PDF

  • Wiebke Rabe, Genia Kostka, and Sabrina Habich-Sobiegalla: Socio-Economic Development and Infrastructure Cost Performance in China: Comparing Transport and Energy Sectors Abstract | PDF

  • Barry Sautman and Xinyi Xie: Today in Guangzhou, Tomorrow in Hong Kong? A Comparative Study of the Language Situation in Two Cities Abstract | PDF

  • Martin Thorley and Andreas Fulda: The Importance of Leverage in GlaxoSmithKline’s China Engagement: A Revelatory Case Study Abstract | PDF